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workplace safety

Losing Unemployment Compensation

If you are fired, are you automatically entitled to unemployment compensation? Depends how you’ve been behaving at work.


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Facebook’s COO Sandberg Says Parents Need To Push Girls Towards Tech

While the number of tech jobs soars, women are filling them in fewer numbers than they were even in the 1980s.


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The Last Express App

Most computer games don’t hold up well some 15 years later. The Last Express, however, is just as captivating today as it was in 1997.


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BlinkMaster App

There are plenty of brainteaser games in the app store, but Blinkmaster is a bit of a different beast.


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Scramble With Friends App

There are a lot of threats to your productivity these days, but the Scramble With Friends app might just take the crown. The game’s best described as a multiplayer electronic version of Boggle.


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Less TV Helps Obese Kids Lose Weight

A new reports says turning of the TV and computer and getting obese kids outside playing more often, will cut their calorie intake and they’ll burn more calories with activity.


Pointless is full of links that can help you enjoy the passage of time like no other.


Falling Sand

The is a fun way to waste time.


Spot The

Simply click your computer to and do as it says!


Source calls itself the largest collection of open-source software on the Internet.


Learning Games For

Kids love learning when they are too busy having fun to know they’re doing something educational. That’s the idea behind


Computer is a bit of a workout — for your brain. Log on and have your brain tested. You’ll be asked to click on the screen and then guess at certain games.