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Health Advantages To Taking Public Transit

Do you take public transportation every day or use it quite often? You may be better off than your fellow commuters who drive.


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Curb App

The Curb app – formerly known as Taxi Magic – lets you book a cab in 60 major US cities.


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Public Transit Users More Physically Active Than Commuters

A study of physical activity and transit use, determined that walking prior to and immediately after transit trips is actually quite good for you – and an unexpected form of exercise.


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Study: Only One Third Of Workers In Center City Drive To Job

Nearly 40 percent of the downtown workforce lives outside the city and they, too, are abandoning cars.



More Adults Texting While Driving

A large percentage of adults actually text on the road to and from work. This is concerning because there is clearly an increased risk of accidents from the distraction.


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Taxi Magic App

The Taxi Magic app lets you book a cab in over 40 major U.S. cities.


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Studies Show Long Commutes Can Affect Stress Levels

As more and more people extend their job searches, they may also be extending their commutes to work. But is a long commute impacting your health?