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Philadelphia's Election Watchdog On Trail Of City's Top Elections OfficialCity Commission Chairman Anthony Clark has come under fire for spending little time at the office, failing to vote himself and for recently, having to pay a fine for violating the election laws he's charged with upholding.
Group Trying To Ignite More Interest Among Young Philadelphia Voters"Seventy percent of 18-24 year olds in Philadelphia have not voted in the last five elections," says David Thornburgh of the Committee of Seventy.
Few Poll Problems, Light Turnout Through Most of Election Day in Phila.Deputy city commissioner Fred Voigt estimated turnout as of 5pm in the 30-percent range.
Councilwoman Tasco Crows About Derailment of Nutter's PGW DealMembers of Philadelphia City Council today delivered a great big I-told-you-so to those who wanted the city to sell off the Philadelphia Gas Works.
Mayor Nutter Hopes Public Outcry Will Resurrect PGW Sale ProposalNutter, still fuming over City Council president Darrell Clarke's decision to scuttle the PGW sale without a public hearing, is hoping that public pressure will force City Council to reverse course.
Report: Philadelphia Election Official Hasn't Voted in YearsThe head of the election watchdog group Committee of 70 reacts: "One would assume that the person who runs local elections would be the first in line to vote. ... I think it sends a very poor message to city voters."
City Election Official Hears Complaints of Dirty Tricks on Recent Primary DayThe hearing was hosted by city commissioner Stephanie Singer without approval of the City Commissioners' office, the body responsible for conducting elections in the City of Philadelphia.
Watchdog Group Says Ethics Probe Is Not Enough For Corrupt PoliticiansA Harrisburg area activist says he’s filed ethics complaints against Philadelphia Democrats caught on tape accepting illegal payments.
Watchdog Group Calls For Independent Probe of Pa. Legislative Sting ControversyEllen Kaplan of the Committee of 70 says the matter of the quashed sting needs to be investigated, and a public accounting needs to be made.
City Council President Rejects Request For Hearing On Council's Own BudgetDespite a plea from a political watchdog group, City Council has no intention of holding public hearings on its own budget.
Phila. Lawmakers OK $99 Limit On Gifts To City Workers -- With ExceptionsShane Creamer (left), of the city's Board of Ethics, backed the limit. Ellen Kaplan of the watchdog group Committee of 70 (right), thinks it should be lower.
Phila. Ethics Board Moves Closer To Specific Bans on Gifts For City EmployeesNot only is the city's 50-year-old law currently covering such gifts quite vague, but it fails to set specific limits on the value of gifts that city workers can accept.

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