Claudia Aderotimi

Padge Victoria Windslowe.  (credit: Philadelphia Police)

‘Black Madam’ Sentencing Scheduled For June

Prosecutor Bridget Kirn says the defendant’s motive was money for her recording studio – performing under the name “Black Madam” – and for expensive cars.


Padge Victoria Windslowe.  (credit: Philadelphia Police)

Closing Arguments Presented in Philadelphia Trial of Woman Accused of Killing Another With Butt Injections

Padge Victoria Windslowe has repeatedly claimed that one victim had been drinking heavily prior to the procedure, suggesting that was the cause of the woman’s death.

KYW Newsradio 1060–03/06/2015

Padge Victoria Windslowe.  (credit: Philadelphia Police)

Defendant In Black Market Body Enhancement Trial Expected Back On The Stand For More Cross-Examination Today

On Friday, there were several sharp exchanges, allegations, and counter allegations as the prosecutor grilled her.


Padge Victoria Windslowe.  (credit: Philadelphia Police)

Medical Examiner Testifies In ‘Black Madam’ Silicone Injection Trial

Dr. Fredric Hellman has testified that 20-year-old Claudia Aderotimi died from complications of silicone injections into her rear.


Padge Victoria Windslowe.  (credit: Philadelphia Police)

Key Witness Not Cooperating As ‘Black Madam’ Murder Trial Begins

A key witness in the murder trial of the “Black Madam” has gone south on the prosecution, and she won’t testify at trial, which is scheduled to start this morning.


(Padge-Victoria Windslowe.  Photo from Phila. PD)

‘Black Madam’ Loses Crucial Pre-Trial Motion

The woman who called herself the “Black Madam” has lost a pre-trial motion to present the testimony of satisfied customers at trial, scheduled for next year.


(Padge-Victoria Windslowe.  Photo from Phila. PD)

Murder Trial Ordered for ‘Black Madam’ in Fatal Buttocks-Enhancement Injection

She calls herself “Black Madam,” but prosecutors call her a killer.


(Padge-Victoria Windslowe.  Photo from Phila. PD)

‘Black Madam’ Charged With Third Degree Murder & Other Offenses

The woman police dubbed the “Black Madam” has been charged with Third Degree Murder, Conspiracy, Reckless Endangerment, Possessing an Instrument of Crime, and Unauthorized Practice of Medicine for the 2011 death of a British woman.


(Padge-Victoria Windslowe.  Photo from Phila. PD)

‘Black Madam’ Arrested And Charged In Connection To Illegal Buttocks Injections

On Wednesday evening, Philadelphia police executed an arrest warrant for a woman knows as the ‘Black Madam.’


Police Seek Answers In Buttocks Enhancement Death

There are new developments in the case of a deadly injection given at a Philadelphia hotel near Philadelphia International Airport.



Suspect Questioned In Botched Butt-Lift Procedure

Police say the woman who died after having an illegal buttocks-enhancement injection at a South Philadelphia hotel was not a first-time customer.