City of Camden NJ

(Camden, NJ City Hall. File photo by John Ostapkovich)

Camden, NJ Agrees to Pay $3.5 Million to 87 Plaintiffs Over Wrongful Arrest Claims

An out-of-court settlement has been reached with plaintiffs suing the City of Camden over the actions of a band of corrupt former cops.


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NJ Judge Says No Camden Vote Necessary to Regionalize The Police Department

The “show cause” hearing before Judge Daustino Fernandez-Vina pitted opponents of the regionalized police force against those in favor of it, including Camden mayor Dana Redd.


(Credit: Paul Kurtz)

Camden, NJ Opens Applications For 250 Summer Jobs

A variety of positions are available, with pay ranges between $7.25 and $15.00 an hour.


(File photo)

Camden Police Officer Convicted of Corruption, Another Acquitted

Robert Bayard was cleared, but Antonio Figueroa was convicted on three of the five counts against him.


(Photos by David Madden)

Camden, NJ Heralds Coming of Replacement Street Lighting

Four blocks of State Street in North Camden and several blocks along Park Boulevard in the Parkside neighborhood are getting about 50 new streetlamps, to replace those vandalized in recent years.


(File photo)

Camden, NJ Agrees To Return $290,000 in Unused Funds To Feds

The federal Department of Housing and Urban Development wants the financially strapped city of Camden, NJ to fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars for long-term projects that were never completed, and the city says it will comply.