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city hall

Camden Crosses

Camden Activists Place Crosses At City Hall To Commemorate City’s Murder Victims

Hope Brown came to look at the cross for her 25-year-old nephew Garland Banks.


File Photo (credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

As Deadline Approaches, Philadelphia Officials Work To Get Folks Registered To Vote

Today is the deadline to register to vote in Pennsylvania. The campaigns are out in force, signing up procrastinators.


(credit: Tim McLaughlin)

Top Buildings Or Works Of Architecture In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of the country’s oldest cities, and that shows up in its architecture.


subway stabbing

Police Investigate Stabbing In Center City

Philadelphia police are investigating a stabbing that took place on the City Hall subway platform late Saturday night.


Organizer Yvette Mitchell in front, Dick Gregory on right.

Trayvon Martin Save Our Sons, Daughters Conference Kicks Off

The goal of the conference is to find solutions to black-on-black crime.


(Credit: Ed Fischer)

Philadelphia Avoiding Use Of Loophole In State’s Voter ID Law

Philadelphia officials say they’re not going to use a loophole in the state’s controversial voter ID law, despite plans by Montgomery and Allegheny counties to do precisely that.



Private Developer Takes Vacant Point Breeze Lot Into His Own Hands

A private developer says he got fed up with dealing with the city and so he took matters into his own hands. Now the city has issued him a cease and desist order.


A statue of George Washington looks over a group of demonstrators on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway on July 30, 2000, in Philadelphia. An unidentified National Park Law Enforcement Ranger stands guard at Independence Hall. (Photo credit: Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images)

Important Places To The People Who Built Philadelphia

Philadelphia is so renowned for hosting historical sites that are integral to the founding of this great nation that it’s easy to overlook the men and women who made them important. Find out who made this city what it is today.


(credit: Mike Dunn)

Attorney General Promises Local Law Enforcement Officials Greater Federal Assistance

U-S Attorney General Eric Holder was in Philadelphia on Monday to announce some new federal help in the city’s ongoing struggle against violent crime.


FILE PHOTO (Credit: Mike Dunn)

Nutter To Reveal Latest Long-Range Budget Outlook This Week

City Council passed a budget last month, but the Nutter Administration’s financial woes are from over. This coming week the mayor must deliver a long-range spending plan to state officials.


Trenton City Hall Raid July 19, 2012

Acting Mayor Takes New Jersey Capital Helm Amid FBI Probe

A recently appointed business administrator of New Jersey’s capital city has taken the helm at City Hall amid an FBI investigation of the mayor.



Gunman Shot After Standoff Near City Hall

A gunman was shot by police after a brief standoff in the shadow of City Hall early Friday morning.


(Mayor Michael Nutter expresses his frustration over the city's gun violence at a City Hall news conference.) (credit: Pat Loeb)

Mayor Nutter: Fourth Of July Shooting Should Not Mar Success Of City’s Celebration

Mayor Michael Nutter expressed his frustration at a City Hall news conference on Thursday over the gun violence that continues to plague Philadelphia, including a shooting during the city’s Fourth of July celebration.


Maria Bello

Actress Maria Bello Receives Key To Sea Isle City

Maria Bello, a Norristown, Pennsylvania native and Sea Isle City summer resident, was awarded with a Key to Sea Isle City for the community service she has done with women in Haiti.


(File Photo. Credit: Mike Dunn)

Nutter Reacts To City Council Not Increasing Budget For School Funding

Mayor Nutter and the head of the School Reform Commission say tough choices lie ahead, now that City Council has stood firm in keeping the amount of new money for the schools to less than half of what Nutter wanted.