City Councilman Curtis Jones

(A convenience store, where many Philadelphia area residents do most of their shopping.  File photo)

Councilman Wants To Mandate Convenience Store Receipts

Should receipts for purchases at convenience stores be mandatory? A Philadelphia City Councilman says yes, and he is now proposing exactly that.


(Credit: Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

City Council To Debate Bill Requiring Longer-Lasting Smoke Detector Batteries

City Council this spring will debate whether Philadelphia should require that battery-operated smoke detectors use batteries that last ten years.


(Credit: Timothy McLaughlin)

City Councilman Wants To Strengthen Civilian Panel That Oversees Alleged Police Misconduct

The Police Advisory Commission was created by executive order of then-Mayor Ed Rendell in late 1994, to look into citizen’s complaints of police misconduct. City Councilman Curtis Jones says the commission needs to be strengthened with more funding.