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City Council

Buying Smokes In A Drug Store Would Be Banned Under Bill Introduced In Phila. City CouncilA bill introduced into Philadelphia City Council would ban cigarette sales at all the drug stores in the city.
City Council Back In Session, Numerous Bills IntroducedThe bill is a response to a June water main break in West Philadelphia.
Council Plans More Tough Questions for School District In The FallEven with approval of the new money for schools, Council President Darrell Clarke is continuing to voice his displeasure with the answers provided by District officials during hearings.
Council Leaders Insist Politics Not In Play In Rejection Of Nutter's School Funding ProposalPhiladelphia City Council adjourned for the summer this past week after rejecting some key initiatives of Mayor Nutter.
After Primary Loss, Neilson Will Resign Council To Run For State HouseIt was in August of last year that Ed Neilson was sworn in to City Council, to fill the seat made vacant by the resignation of Bill Green.
A Packed Agenda In Phila. City Council As Lawmakers Hold Final Meeting Before Adjourning For SummerA packed agenda Thursday in Philadelphia City Council, as lawmakers today hold their final meeting before adjourning for the summer. Among the items up for a final vote: a school district bailout and a tax break for the owners of the Gallery.
Councilman Withdraws Controversial Plan To Purchase Land For New PrisonMayor Michael Nutter's plan to purchase land in Northeast Philadelphia on which to build a new prison has collapsed in City Council.
Property Seizures, Relocations Expected From PHA's North Philly PlanThe Philadelphia Housing Authority wants to demolish two blighted, high-rise towers in the neighborhood known as Sharswood, and put up townhomes in their place.
City Council Committee Tackles How To Get More Businesses To Install Exterior Security CamerasOptions include tax abatements to offset the cost, and "mandatory camera installation for nuisance businesses."
City Council To Consider Mandatory Fire Escape Inspections Following Deadly Collapse Last YearA deadly fire escape collapse in Center City 18 months ago has prompted a proposal in City Council to require building owners to have their fire escapes inspected every five years.
City Council Discusses Why Cursive Handwriting Isn't Mandatory In School DistrictCouncil members, including education committee chair Jannie Blackwell, wanted to know why the district no longer mandated that kids be taught cursive writing.
Council Hungry For Alternatives to Mayor's Proposed Property Tax HikeMayor Nutter's plan to hike property taxes 9% for more school funding continues to draw skepticism from City Council members.