Christmas Shopping

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Layaway Plan Could Cost You

If you’re already thinking of Christmas, you may be considering layaway. Make sure you understand the layaway plan.



Read The Fine Print Before Buying By Layaway

Consumer protection laws vary by state, and as you can imagine there is great variation in layaway plans. Not reading the fine print could cost you.


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Local Expert Offers Tips For Handling Post-Holiday Spending Shock

The holiday was wonderful, but the credit card bills are staggering. Here is some expert advice on how to get your finances back in order.


(A woman returns some holiday purchases in center city Philadelphia, the day after Christmas.  Photo by Steve Tawa)

Shoppers Out In Force, Spending Christmas Money and Making Exchanges

The day after Christmas means a day of returns — and bargain shopping — at area stores.


The town of Skippack, covered in snow on a Sunday during the Christmas shopping season. (Credit: Jim Melwert)

Small Businesses Get Scrooged By Winter Weather

It might look like a Winter Wonderland outside, but rather than getting people into the Christmas shopping mood, the early bout of winter weather has really hurt small businesses.


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Wintry Weather Doesn’t Stop Many Holiday Shoppers

The wintry forecast did not keep many people from their holiday shopping on Saturday.


(Ashlyn Delson is marketing director at Willow Grove Mall.  Photo by Michelle Durham)

From Amateurs and Professionals, Tips For Last-Minute Holiday Shopping

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so we asked some local shoppers how they will get it all done.


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With The High Winds, Hold On Tight To Your Santa Hats!

With wind gusts expected to go up to forty miles an hour today, shoppers are facing an unexpected obstacle.


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Shopping Procrastinators Get Rewarded With Last Minute Christmas Deals

As we approach the final shopping weekend of this Christmas season, expect to see some big discounts and good sales.


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Stress, Debt Mounting For Christmas Shopping Procrastinators

A financial expert says his not only adds to your stress level, but it can make a real dent in your budget if you are not careful.


(The web site offers a hundred different gift cards that can be delivered via e-mail.   Credit: Ed Fischer)

Out of Time For Holiday Shopping? ‘E’-Gift Cards May Save Your Bacon

The time for Christmas shopping is quickly drawing to a close. But there are many people who still have gifts to buy.


(Shoppers at the Cherry Hill Mall on Wednesday.  Credit: Michelle Durham)

The Last-Minute Shopping Rush Is On

Shoppers are rushing around to get those last minute gifts. Just trying to find a parking spot near a store should be a competitive sport! There’s just one question for these consumers: why?


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CNET Tech Expert Gives Advice On Holiday TV Buying

TVs are on a lot of shopping lists this holiday and there is no shortage of deals at retailers. However, you should always remember that you get what you pay for.


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Gas Prices Down, Holiday Spending Up

A recent study shows that gas prices have gone down 9 cents over the past two weeks. Recent studies also showed an increase in shopping online. A local professor explains if there is a connection.


(Some of the products available at non-profit The Center For Art In Wood in Old City. Credit: John McDevitt)

Creative Gifts That Give Back

Some of the non-profits in Philadelphia are offering hand made gift ideas with the proceeds going straight back into community programs.