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Ask A Philadelphia Bartender: Your Top Martini Recipe

David Tang heads up the cocktail program at The Continental. Here is a list of five Continental Martinis that are currently on the menu and the breakdown of how each is made.


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Top Steakhouses In Philadelphia

There is nothing like a good steak, and Philadelphia happens to have some of the best in the country. Our steakhouse list runs the gamut from high end to family friendly, but all offer high-quality meats and service.


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Top All-You-Can-Eat Brunches In Philadelphia

Enjoy a delicious, indulgent brunch at the best restaurants in the Philly area. We have done the research and comprised a list of the top five establishments for you.


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Master’s Degree Gives Philadelphia Nurses The Essential Knowledge

“The master’s in nursing gave me the essential knowledge to begin a higher level of practice with solid clinical expertise,” says Mental Health Nurse Jennifer Klapper.



Poise, Process And A Point Of View Are Qualities A Philadelphia VP Looks For

“I’m looking for three things: poise, process and a point of view,” says Erin Allsman of the Brownstein Group on what she looks for in an employee.


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Philadelphia PI Suggests Finding A Job While Attending College

Private Investigator, Jeff Stein suggests that aspiring detectives “apply for investigative positions while in college or do an internship with a private investigator.”


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Top Spots For Bridesmaids Dresses In The Philadelphia Area

Congratulations on your recent engagement; now it’s time to start planning. Most places offer one-stop shopping to make your life easier and we have found the best shops with the most variety of bridal attire for your special day.


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Philadelphia Executive Director Supports B.S.N. Initiative For Nurses

At Doylestown Hospital, Patricia A. Stover provides leadership and direction for the functioning of the various departments of the nursing team, consistent with the hospital’s mission and annual strategic goals.


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Young Philadelphia CEO Creates Digital Interviewing Software Company

“I wasn’t trained in the technology field, but I picked it up along the way, and now serve as a business and technology voice within my organization. The ability to learn quickly is key for people in the tech field,” says Christopher Young.


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Groundbreaking Literacy Course Piloted By Philadelphia Educator

“If you take some risks and follow your passions, your students will notice, and you’ll teach them one of the most important skills of all: determination,” says Sarah Sterling of The Shipley School.


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Understanding Employee Goals Is Crucial For Philadelphia CEO

Engineering taught me the fundamentals of problem-solving. Very few tasks daunt me now. Engineering, math, and science gave me a foundation for understanding how to problem solve.


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Car Sales Are Predicted To Hit Historic Levels In Philadelphia

Kevin Mazzucola is serving in his eighteenth year as executive director of the Automobile Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia.


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Postdoctoral Fellowship Built Foundation For A Philadelphia Psychologist

“My clinical experience from my internship and postdoctoral fellowship built a foundation for my career; as it was in those experiences that I learned how to apply what I learned in class and in textbooks to real life.”


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Top Indian Food In The Philadelphia Area

Philly is a melting pot of many cultures, so it is no surprise that you can find excellent cuisine beyond what Philly is known best for. Enjoy our selection of Philly’s top Indian restaurants.


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Philadelphia Educator Encourages Engagement With Students

Bob Kessler, Campus President and Regional Vice President of Universal Technical Institute says “don’t ever underestimate how valuable it is to be able to connect with your students.”




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