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Candy Crush Soda Saga App

Candy Crush Saga was a phenomenon in 2013. And this latest entry in the series is more a continuation than a sequel.


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Commit App

The Commit app gently nudges you to help you reach your goals.


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The Official New Year’s Eve Ball App

Can’t make it to Times Square tonight? You don’t have to miss the entertainment – or the ball drop.


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Glasses Up App

The Glasses Up app offers a slew of toasting options for a variety of occasions.


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Curb App

The Curb app – formerly known as Taxi Magic – lets you book a cab in 60 major US cities.


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Food Network In The Kitchen App

The Food Network in the Kitchen app is loaded with thousands of recipes, videos and photos to help you whip up a meal your guests won’t forget.


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Return Guru App

Tracking down the receipt can be a pain this time of the year, but the Return Guru can be a good assistant.


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Norad Santa Tracker App

As it has every year since 1955, the defense organization will track the wearabouts of Kris Kringle – and you can keep up on your smartphone.


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Alien Blue App

If you’re looking to browse reddit on your mobile device, you can’t do better than Alien Blue.


(Photo illustration by Ed Fischer)

Sumptus App

The Sumptus app can help you set and keep to a budget, letting you analyze your spending both through lists and in pie-chart form.



Angry Birds Transformers App

Angry Birds Transformers takes the well-known app franchise in a radically different direction.


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Five Nights At Freddy’s App

On paper, Five Nights at Freddy’s shouldn’t be this terrifying. But once you lose, you can rule out going to sleep for a little while.


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Plunder Pirates App

Plunder Pirates is a game app that doesn’t do anything wrong, but it doesn’t do anything great either.


file photo (credit: Getty Images)

How The Grinch Stole Christmas App

if your kids can’t get enough of the grouchy green Grinch, this storybook app should keep ‘em happy.


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Hanukkah: The Festival Of Lights Story Chimes App

Santa and his crew get most of the spotlight this time of year, but The Festival of Lights is a great story no matter what your religion.





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