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Chris Ferguson

(Astronaut Chris Ferguson stands in front of a training centrifuge at the Nastar Center in Southampton, Pa., today.  Credit: Michelle Durham)

Astronaut Chris Ferguson Returns to Hometown Philadelphia For Space Week Talk

At a Nastar training facility in Southampton, Bucks County, Ferguson reflected on the end of the space shuttle days and where his own career is headed.



Atlantis Lands Safely

Atlantis commander and Philadelphia native Chris Ferguson landed the shuttle safely this morning, marking the end of the 30 year NASA shuttle program.


Chris Ferguson (far right) brought a little piece of Philadelphia with him to space. (credit: Roberto Gonzalez/Getty Images)

Atlantis Commander Chris Ferguson And Crew Contact KYW Newsradio

The crew from space shuttle Atlantis took time out of their busy schedule to speak with KYW Newsradio anchors Harry Donahue and Carol MacKenzie.


(Photos by Steve Tawa)

Drexel Students Honor Shuttle Commander Ferguson, An Alumnus

Two Drexel students designed the official NASA patches for the mission.


(Franklin Institute chief astronomer Derrick Pitts.  Photo by John McDevitt)

Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute Sends Memento Aboard Final Space Shuttle Flight

You’ll be able to see the space shuttle over Philadelphia between four and seven times each day, according to Franklin Institute’s chief astronomer, Derrick Pitts.


Shuttle Atlantis

Philadelphia Native Leads Shuttle Atlantis’ Historical Mission

The space shuttle Atlantis is a “go” for launch, according to NASA. Liftoff is set for 11:26 a.m. despite forecasters original 70 percent chance of bad weather.


(Photo Credit: Getty Images/William Thomas Cain)

Philadelphia Native Chris Ferguson Leads Final NASA Atlantis Mission

Atlantis is taking Ferguson on his third shuttle skyride; it’s the Archbishop Ryan High School and Drexel University grad’s second time in the commander’s seat.



Space Shuttle Era Nears An End With Philadelphia Commander

The space shuttle Atlantis inched its way closer to the Cape Canaveral launch pad and to the history books.