childhood obesity

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Kids Pick Up TV Watching Habits From Parents

Do you watch too much television? If you do, it probably means that you are more likely to have children who do the same.


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Temple Researchers Say Smaller Plates Cause Children To Take Less Food

The public health professors conducted a three-month study of childhood eating habits at a North Philadelphia school. Children were permitted to serve themselves at lunchtime.


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How To Help Your Kids Choose The Best Extra-Curricular Activities

Help your kids learn and prepare for the future through after-school activities.


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Study: Adults Often Bully Overweight Kids

Research out of Yale University finds that although overweight and obese adolescents are most often bullied by friends and peers, a significant numbers of them are also bullied by adults.



Health: Predict Your Child’s Risk of Becoming Obese By Answering 6 Simple Questions

Imagine being able to predict if your newborn will be obese in a few years? Now you can.


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Protests Over School Lunches

We usually think of young protesters as college students; however, high schoolers across the country are protesting over school lunches offered under the federal Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.


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Check Children’s Blood Pressure

High blood pressure in children and teens is a growing problem but many parents don’t even think of it as a concern for their kids.


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Temple Researchers Take Intense Anti-Obesity Program To Community Level

Local researchers modified an expensive, labor-intensive, hospital-based obesity program to see if it would work at the local community center.



Problem Of Obesity In Philadelphia School Children Getting Smaller

The Philadelphia Health Department said Thursday the city’s school children are getting thinner.


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School Food Laws Help Kids Battle Obesity, Three-Year Study Finds

A new study on child obesity indicates that students gain less weight if they go to schools in states with stronger laws about what foods can be sold outside their breakfast and lunch programs.


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First Lady Brings “Let’s Move” Campaign To Philadelphia

First Lady Michelle Obama was in Philadelphia on Wednesday to campaign – but not for her husband. She was promoting her effort to end childhood obesity.


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A Startling Increase In Obesity

Adult obesity rates increased in more than half the states during the past year. The news about childhood obesity rates is even worse.


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Children May Not Outgrow Obesity

Parents of overweight or obese children who think their problems will disappear during the teen years, think again. Research shows children’s activity levels decline as they reach adolescence.


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A Healthy Helping Of Easter Candy

Whether it is Easter, Halloween or a big children’s party, when kids get lots of candy the important thing to do as a parent is seize control and set guidelines.


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Parents Influence Childrens’ Eating Habits

There is no doubt that parents can have a major influence on children and this has been shown to be the case when establishing eating habits.