Cherry Blossoms

(credit: Mike DeNardo)

Especially Cold Winter Causing Unusually Late Peak For Cherry Blossoms

The National Park Service in Washington D.C. projects the peak bloom for cherry blossoms there will arrive April 9th. That’s as late as it’s been in a decade.


(credit: Phran Novelli)

Fallen Branches May Be Down But Not Out

Finding broken branches from the storms is sad, but it’s not all bad news. You might be able to bring that branch back to life.


(credit: Phran Novelli)

Fleeting Beauty

Such a beautiful tree in bloom, and then boom – or rather, the boom-boom of thunderstorms, and that beauty is transformed.


(credit: Randall E. Scott)

Guide To The 2013 Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival

Celebrate the culture of Japan against a backdrop of gorgeous flowers at this year’s Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival.


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Mild Weather Makes For Early Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are the centerpiece of the upcoming Cherry Blossom Festival of Greater Philadelphia, but the mild weather is causing some varieties of the buds to bloom a little early.


(credit: Phran Novelli)

‘Forcing’ Flowers Inside

By bringing some branches inside you can ‘force’ the flowers to bloom before your eyes.


(credit:  Phran Novelli)

When Early Bloomers Freeze

When the winter’s been warm and then it suddenly snows – what happens to your plants?


(credit:  Phran Novelli)

Whether Weather Affects Magnolias

Cooler weather like this year can extend the cherry blossoms’ bloom so we enjoy them longer – whereas when we get an early heat spell, they often open and fade in just a few days.