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Chef Staib

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Chef Staib/Dietz & Watson

Chef Staib presents a variety of healthy recipes to make in the New Year to help keep that healthy eating resolution on track.


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Chef Staib: Dietz & Watson Oktoberfest

Chef Staib is celebrating the beginning of autumn with a menu of Dietz & Watson Oktoberfest.


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Dietz And Watson Featuring Chef Walter Staib: Back To School Lunches

Chef Staib presented two healthy recipes to make ahead of time and pack in a lunch.


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Chef Staib/Dietz & Watson

Chef Staib is making Dietz & Watson gourmet lite turkey wraps, which make a refreshing lunch to take to school or work.


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Dietz And Watson/Chef Staib

In the cold months of January, just after we’ve all made resolutions to eat well and get fit, it’s time for something inspiring to change up the menu. This salad uses the best flavors of […]


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Deborah Heart And Lung Featuring Chef Staib

Chef Staib presented a holiday entertaining guide with heart healthy recipes that include superfoods!


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Deborah Heart And Lung Featuring Chef Staib

Chef Staib is using the first and only ocean-raised sustainably farmed Atlantic salmon in the world!


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Dietz and Watson And Chef Walter Staib

Chef Staib made a very delicious dish this week made with Dietz & Watson’s all natural chicken sausage. This frittata uses the best of winter produce, a favorite among healthy eaters and foodies, kale. Kale […]


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Deborah Heart and Lung Featuring Chef Staib

Chef Staib presented a wonderful autumn dish. To celebrate the cool weather, this salad can be served warm or at room temperature and is delicious as a light lunch or served with crusty, whole grain […]


halloween chef walter

Dietz & Watson and Chef Staib

Chef Staib did one of his favorite shows of the year! He presented  fun and easy Halloween party ideas and showed viewers how to make entertaining on the spookiest day of the year simple with […]



Chef Staib’s Buffalo Chicken Recipes

For more on Chef Walter Staib for Dietz and Watson, visit: or Buffalo Chicken Macaroni & Cheese By Walter Staib Serves 4 to 6 2 pounds 100% semolina fusilli 3 tablespoons unsalted butter […]


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Chef Walter Staib for Deborah Heart and Lung Center

Chef Walter Staib stopped by with a new recipe.