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Brotherly Love: Tutor And Student Bond Over Books

When people immigrate to the United States, it can be a challenge to learn English, especially as an adult. As Ukee Washington shows us, volunteers are donating their time and expertise to help.


(credit: CBS 3)

PHA Residents Upset Over Move Of GED Program

A group of Philadelphia Housing Authority residents were upset Wednesday when they showed up for their normally scheduled GED class at the John F. Street Community Center in North Philadelphia, only to learn it was canceled, and will now be held in South Philadelphia.


(Credit: John McDevitt)

Local Literacy Group Brings Its Celebration to Independence Mall

The event, held at People’s Plaza (the monument at 5th and Market Streets honoring the First Amendment), was an opportunity for students of the Philadelphia-based Center for Literacy to tell their stories through poetry or essays.


(Joe Eastman, a volunteer at the Center for Literacy, gives Mayuko Tanaka some help with English comprehension.   Credit:  Lauren Lipton)

Positively Philadelphia: Helping People Learn To Read and Speak English

Joe Eastman is a retired military man and a volunteer tutor at the Center for Literacy in Philadelphia.



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