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Stigall Show Log 6.22.11

Chris talks about the latest defections from Newt Gingrich’s campaign and rising sea levels in New Jersey. He talks to CBS News Correspondent Jeff McCausland about a proposed troop drawdown in Afghanistan and Scott Franzke with the Phillies in St. Louis.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–06/22/2011

Stigall Show Log 6.1.11

Chris reviews Sarah Palin’s tour stop at the Liberty Bell, inspects the discrimination lawsuit filed by former waitresses at the Resorts Casino in Atlantic City and talks to Phillies Play-By-Play Announcer Scott Franzke about the series against the Nationals and Cliff Lee’s recent struggles.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–06/01/2011

cell phone

Studies Suggest Cell Phones Could Be Linked To Cancer

After reviewing details from dozens of studies, an international panel of experts say cell phones might and they emphasize might cause cancer.


Kathy Watson, the bill's sponsor. (Credit: Tony Romeo)

PA House Republicans Unveil Rules For Junior Drivers

The bill does not include restrictions on cell phone use. That will be considered separately.



Bensalem Ban On Cell Phone Use While Driving Takes Effect

Don’t tweet on Street Road. As of today, Bensalem Township is banning certain cell phone use while driving.



Cell Phone Battery Drain And How You Could Prevent It

Can anything be done to keep your cell phone’s batery from dying on you by the end of the day?



Android.com is the online home of Google’s new smartphone operating system.


Cell Phone

Health: Cell Phones & Kissing Growing Allergic Reaction Culprits

Experts at the annual meeting of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology are calling attention to some allergies that are happening more and more.


Phila. Schools Review Cell Phone Policies for Students

Should students be allowed to have cell phones in schools?  The Philadelphia School District is taking a look at its policies.




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