CBS 3 Pet Project: Work Like A DogA 2nd grade class in Wayne recently underwent a project to show off the different jobs dogs can have.
CBS 3 Pet Project: Let Sleeping Dogs DreamYou may have noticed your dog twitching or whining in their sleep, and you may be tempted to wake them up.
CBS 3 Pet Project: Walking The DogIn this week's Pet Project, Carol Erickson and Jan Carabeo discuss some tips for walking your dog.
CBS 3 Pet Project: The Real UnderdogsIn this week's CBS3 Pet Project, Carol Erickson and Jan Carabeo talk about some of the local rescue dogs at the PSPCA who have really defied the odds.
CBS3 Pet Project: Taking Care Of Pets In ColdIf it's too cold for you to be outside, it's also too cold for your pets to be outside.
CBS3 Pet Project: Pros and Cons of Holiday AdoptionThe holidays are always a popular time for adopting a pet. 
CBS3 Pet Project: PSPCA DonationsFrom a can of pet food to something as simple as an empty paper towel roll, every little thing helps.
CBS 3 Pet Project: Cat Bunting BehaviorEver wonder why many cats and dogs have a tendency to press or rub their heads against their owners?
CBS3 Pet Project: Travelling With Your PetsThis is a big time of year for travel, and many people do not want to leave their pets at home for the holidays.
CBS3 Pet Project: Pet InsurancePet insurance is a booming business, but it may not be for everyone. 
CBS 3 Pet Project: PSPCA Celebrates 150 YearsIn this week's CBS 3 Pet Project, Carol Erickson talks about Saturday's annual Bark & Wine benefit, as well as celebrating her own anniversary of adopting her dog Marvin. 
CBS 3 Pet Project: How To Handle 'Marking'Animal advocate Carol Erickson sits down with Jan Carabeo to discuss how to handle when a pet marks inside the house, and shows off some animals up for adoption at the Pennsylvania SPCA.

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