Catherine Schaible

(Herbert and Catherine Schaible.  Photos from Phila. DA)

Phila. Judge Stands By Sentence For Faith-Healing Couple Whose Sons Died

Herbert and Catherine Schaible pleaded “no contest” in the death of their young son. They had tried to heal him with prayer instead of medical care. Another of their children had died earlier in similar circumstances.


(Herbert and Catherine Schaible.  Photos from Phila. DA)

Prison For Phila. Couple Who Chose Prayer Over Medical Care For Dying Son

Herbert and Catherine Schaible had previously pleaded “no contest” in connection with the death of their son, Brandon, who died as the couple prayed for him to be healed but never took him to a doctor or a hospital for medical care.


(Herbert and Catherine Schaible.  Photos from Phila. DA)

2013 IN REVIEW: Phila. Couple Chooses Prayer, Not Doctor, For Dying Son

Herbert and Catherine Schaible are awaiting sentencing after admitting they chose prayer over medicine, leading to the death of their seven-month-old son last April.


(Herbert and Catherine Schaible.  Photos from Phila. DA)

Sentencing Set For Philadelphia Couple After Second Child Dies Of Neglect

At the time, the couple was on probation for the 2009 manslaughter death of a two-year-old son under similar circumstances.


(Herbert and Catherine Schaible.  Photos from Phila. DA)

Murder Charges Retained Against NE Phila. Faith-Healing Couple

Their infant son died from dehydration and pneumonia in April, but the defense had argued there wasn’t the evidence of malice necessary to support a third-degree murder charge against Herbert and Catherine Schaible


Catherine Schaible (Credit: Philadelphia District Attorney's Office)

House Arrest For Faith-Healing Mom Charged With Murder Of Son

A judge OK’s house arrest for a faith healing mom charged with the murder of her son, the second son to die when Herbert and Catherine Schaible allegedly chose prayer over medical treatment.


(Herbert and Catherine Schaible.  Photos from Phila. DA)

Couple Faces Murder Trial In 2nd Faith-Healing Death

A Philadelphia couple who believes in faith healing over medicine faces a murder trial in the pneumonia death of their second son in three years.


(Herbert and Catherine Schaible.  Photos from Phila. DA)

Exclusive: I-Team Uncovers What Prayer-Healing Family Told Police After Son’s Death

The Schaible’s are due at the Criminal Justice Center Friday morning and prosecutors are making efforts to keep them behind bars until their trial.


(Herbert and Catherine Schaible.  Photos from Phila. DA)

Prayer-Healing Couple Charged With 3rd Degree Murder In Death Of Son

A prayer-healing couple has been charged with third degree murder in the death of their 7-month-old son.


Death Of Philadelphia Prayer-Healing Couple’s Son Ruled A Homicide

The death of a prayer-healing couple’s 8-month-old son has been ruled a homicide by the Philadelphia Medical Examiner.


(Credit: CBS)

2nd Child Of Philadelphia Prayer-Healing Couple Dies

Last Thursday, their 8-month-old son died in their home.


(File photo.  Credit: Joe Raedle/ Getty Images)

2nd Child Of Philadelphia Couple Dies After Only Praying

A Philadelphia couple — serving 10 years’ probation for the 2009 death of their toddler after they turned to prayer instead of a doctor — has violated their probation now that another of their children has died.


Pa. Jury Convicts Parents In Tot’s Prayer Death

A Philadelphia couple who relied on prayer, not medicine, to cure their dying child have been convicted of involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment.