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Cat Behavior

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Introducing Cats Takes Time – And Distance

When introducing cats to each other, it’s always best to separate them initially for a period of time.


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Mother Your Pets

Mothers truly do know best. And it’s true in the animal world as well.


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Changing Cat’s Sleep Cycle

By Nan Talleno PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Cats are, by nature, primarily nocturnal, meaning being active at night. But they have also adapted extremely well at becoming diurnal, which is being active by day. Many cats […]


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Moving An Outdoor Cat Indoors

If your cat has spent a lot of time outdoors, is it possible to transition him/her to an indoor life?


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Problem Fur Balls

When a mass of fur has increased in your cat to where it creates a partial or complete obstruction, problems can occur.


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Getting Your Cat Accustomed To A Carrier

Sooner or later you’ll need to transport your cat so get him accustomed to the carrier well in advance.



Excessive Meowing

Excessive vocalization in cats refers to intensive and excessive meowing, moaning or crying which may occur frequently at various and often unexpected times of the day or night.


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Excessive Vocalization In Cats

Excessive vocalization in cats refers to intensive and excessive meowing, moaning or crying which may occur frequently at various times of the day or night.



The Feline Hierarchic System

Since domestication, cats have adapted to group living and have become a much more social species – which includes a social hierarchy, though not as rigid as it is with dogs.


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Redirecting The Natural Scratching Behavior Of Cats

All felines occasionally need to sharpen their claws. It’s a completely natural and instinctual behavior – but you can train your cat to scratch something other than furniture.


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Aggressive Behavior In Cats

When cats perceive fear, a form of aggressive behavior can ultimately follow but there may be other reasons for feline aggression as well.



Inexpensive Way To Share Playtime With Your Cat

Playtime is an important activity in the life of your feline. Here are some inexpensive suggestions to help you make the most of it.


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Feline Prey Drive

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The felines’ predatory instinct and prey drive, although natural, is generally a learned behavior. The first teacher, of course, is their mother, as she brings food to her kittens and eventually shows […]


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Several Feline Myths Revealed

Completely contrary to the popular myth that felines are distant, independent or solitary creatures, cats certainly can and do express closeness and affection and require the same in return. There are other myths as well.