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Weather graphic 3-2-13

BLOG: There Is Still A Chance For Snow

Even with the quiet weekend here, many are already thinking about coming weather system that might pay a visit midweek.


Sunday WX Graphic Erickson Blog

Blog: Olympic Training Grounds – Your Driveway

Well, winter showed up this weekend BUT much warmer for Monday…in the lower 50’s.



BLOG: Enjoy Sunday And Then…

By Carol Erickson Where was that sun yesterday? Taking the day off apparently. That is the meteorological term for a cloudy day! Anyway, today, the sun is GOING to be out there.  High pressure in […]



BLOG: Not More Rain!!

Happy Labor Day everyone! We’ve got some unsettled weather heading to us again.


Carol Erickson

BLOG: Elect an Animal Lover

By Carol Erickson: The horrifying story of Chico….what more can be said…cruelty takes so many sickening forms. Animals are the defensless targets so often, and so often this cruelty is unseen and thus  isn’t reported.  Elections […]



BLOG: Hello Again!

Hi my felllow animal lovers! As you can tell, we are in a different location… the site is now The pet page, that was on the other site, is gone… but I hope to keep all the features that were so helpful to so many people.