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WEATHER BLOG: Winter Reminds Us It’s Not Spring Yet

One last day of the delicious taste of spring before a bitter taste of winter returns this week.


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WEATHER BLOG: Acceptable Weather, Barely, For Now

Mostly dry today. And while the weather starts quietly on Monday, it ends up getting messy by late Monday night and early Tuesday.


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Another Snowstorm, But Not A Backbreaker

Sore backs in the Delaware Valley get a mild stretching exercise today. Yes, more shoveling, especially north and west, but the lifting won’t be nearly as heavy as the Valentine Eve storm.


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WEATHER BLOG: Canada Pays A Visit

A little Alberta clipper has a Sunday afternoon trip planned for the Delaware Valley. It is packing light, with a relatively measly 1–3″ of snow expected.


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More Snow Expected; But Nothing We Can’t Handle

Of all the weather ‘events’ this troublesome winter, the ones this weekend will be the tamest. A few little disturbances in the atmosphere can brush by the area bringing a nuisance amount of snow.


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The National Weather Service pegs snow amounts Monday at 4 to 6 inches, but anywhere from less than 3 inches south to perhaps an isolated 6+ inches could occur.



Weather Blog: Winter Weary and Getting Wearier

Will it ever stop? Many people wonder that, after a brutally cold and difficult January. Another round of snow will eyeball the Philadelphia area and decide to go for it.



Weather Blog: January Thaw

We had a lot of thawing to do after temperatures in the single numbers and below zero to start last week.


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BLOG: Too Much Winter, Too Soon

Three times in a week, snow and ice and rain pelt our tri-state area. This latest storm looks to bring all three precipitation types again today.



Weather Blog: Major Snow Storm Blankets Philadelphia Area

3 to 6 inches of snow could fall until a gradual changeover to rain overnight.


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Weather Blog: The Lull Before The Winter Wet

Saturday serves as a quiet transition day between Friday’s mild rain and Sunday’s cold wet. Computer models agree that wet weather moves in on Sunday, preceded by cloud cover early in the day.


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Weather Blog: From Mild To Wild

The weather has taken on a few personality changes lately.


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Weather Blog: Too Cold, Too Soon

The expected Arctic blast blowing through the area Sunday will keep it feeling below freezing all day and night.


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Weather Blog: The Heat Goes On

When Sonny and Cher did it, it was the BEAT goes on. When a Bermuda high sings it, it is the HEAT goes on…and on and on.


Roseline Conteh. (credit: CBS3)

Family In Mourning After Death Of 52-Year-Old Collapse Victim Roseline Conteh

One of the six victims is 52-year-old Roseline Conteh, a mother of nine who loved her family and bargain hunting – a pastime that led her to go shopping on a beautiful Wednesday morning in Philadelphia.





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