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Carol Erickson


Monday, Monday Weather

Or so the song goes. Alright the weekend is over, you’re probably not in the best mood and waking up to 25 degrees doesn’t help. BUT and it is a big but (come on, that’s not what I meant!) it will be above freezing for the afternoon.



Blog: Some Like It…Well, Warmer Than This

Don’t get me wrong; I love high pressure systems. They are calm and collected and ready to please. But, sometimes, this time of the year, they can be positioned to drag down a lot of cold air. We’ve got that right now.


Winter Forecast

Blog: Okay, Now It Starts

Twenty consecutive days with temperatures at or above normal…not a bad run for December.


Blog wetaher graphic

BLOG: Major Gift

The weather wants to give us our gift early today – in the form of mild temperatures!! In fact, this gift keeps on giving. Highs on Monday and Tuesday into the SIXTIES!!


Dayplanner Blog

BLOG: Reality Approaches

Another day in the 60′s…and not just the 60′s…the mid 60′s. Monday too…and then the rain on Tuesday.


Weather Graphic Blog

BLOG: Giving Thanks For A Welcome November Break

Sunshine and temperatures in the 60′s – this unusual weather is welcome, rare, and leaving before long.



Blog: Hooray for Sun on Sunday

How nice that we have another dry day today?


Weather Blog Graphic 11-6-11

BLOG: Hello High

We have to love the high pressure system in the area right now. Dry weather for several more days and increasing warmth as it moves around a little bit.


Fall Back 2011

BLOG: Clock Changin’ Time

I don’t know about you, but this is the clock change I don’t like. I don’t like saying goodbye to daylight SO EARLY at the end of the day.


Santa Claus

Forget Black Friday, Santa Claus Is Already In Town

Many folks are busy making their Thanksgiving plans but some merchants, desperate to finish a dreary year on a high note, have their eyes on Black Friday and beyond. 


5-day for Blog 10-30-11

BLOG: Gone But Not Forgotten

The storm that dumped up to 16 inches of snow (in Huff Church, Berks County) has left the building (as Elvis would say) but not the roads.


snow heights

Weekend Storm Update: 9:00 A.M. Saturday

The trend and the path of this system continue as before except a bit more cold air might be pulled in sooner. That would tend to increase the snow totals a little.


radar1_anim 850 am

BLOG: You MUST Be Kidding

Possibility of plowable snow north and west of 1-95 and you might be able to shovel some of it in Philadelphia and surrounding areas: two to three inches possible there. The Lehigh Valley, Berks County and regions pointing north and west may receive six to 10 inches of the stuff.



Bring On Monday, But Only If It’s Sunny

By Carol Erickson: You might not list Monday as your favorite day of the week, and the sky this morning looked as gloomy as you might have felt.



BLOG: Somebody Turn Off the Wind Machine!

Another day of windy conditions.