Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon Tells 800 Applicants They’re In, Then Out

Ben Leibowitz called up relatives to tell them he got into Carnegie Mellon University’s prestigious graduate computer science program. He even went out to dinner with his parents to celebrate.


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How Tech Has Changed College Life

The latest estimate is that one third of all US students take at least one course online but technology has changed the life of those on campus as well.


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College Waiting Lists

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, a spot on the waitlist at an elite college doesn’t mean you’re closer to the finish line. The odds aren’t good!


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Stress Compromises Immune System

According to the scientists, stress leads to the inability of the immune system to control inflammation and thus makes us less able to fight disease.


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Women In Computer Science

An increase in the number of women studying computer sciences is attributed somewhat to companies such as Facebook, Yelp and Zynga and the movie, “The Social Network” portraying the knowledge as hot and coders hip!


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Interpreting Dreams

Dreams have long served as a source of confusion and wonder but, according to a new Carnegie Mellon study, people believe that hidden truths present themselves in dreams.


Robots with Goals

by KYW’s Dr. Marciene Mattleman Millions have focused on the World Cup in Africa this month, but not students at Carnegie Mellon University. They’re heading to Singapore for a different international soccer competition — RoboCup […]