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Who Pays When A Car Left Running Is Stolen?

If you leave your car to warm up unattended and it gets stolen, does insurance pay?


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Study: Does Your Zip Code Affect How Much You Pay For Car Insurance?

According to a study done by, the answer is yes.


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Auto Insurance Rates Based On More Than Just Your Driving Record

You may not realize it, but rates are determined based on risk factors other than your driving record.


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Insurance Company Owns Property That Is Lost Then Found

What if you get insurance money for a stolen item that later is located and returned to you?


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When To Buy Rental Car Insurance

If you are planning to rent a car on your summer vacation, should you get the rental car insurance they offer?


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3 On Your Side: Auto Insurance Discounts

We all enjoy getting discounts, but are you getting all of the discounts that you deserve?



Liability For A Borrowed Car

When a 6-year-old Pennsylvania girl wanted to visit her father in another town in the middle of the night, she grabbed her mom’s car keys and drove off, eventually hitting three parked cars and a pole. Who will pay?


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A Valet’s Liability

You park your car at a garage with a valet, who crashes it. Who pays?


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Car Insurance Coverage

There are many different forms of car insurance, and each may be purchased separately or wrapped together as a bundle of protection. But what’s really covered?



Car Vandalism May Not Be Covered

If you elect limited tort car insurance or that “state minimum” coverage which seemed like such a good deal at the time of purchase, vandalism to your car will not be covered.



Making This Top Ten List Will Cost Some ‘Bucks’

Pennsylvania’s made a top-ten list, but this one’s not good news for Keystone State drivers — or for deer.



Changes Could Be In The Works For Insured Drivers In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania lawmakers may revisit the issue of how much minimum auto insurance coverage motorists are required to carry.


Expert Warns Pa. Drivers About Cost of NJ Car Insurance

New Jersey ended safety inspections for cars a month ago, leading to some speculation that people from Pennsylvania with properties down the shore might register their cars in the Garden State in hopes of saving […]


Insurance Industry Questions Rendell's Car Camera Idea

The head of the Pennsylvania Insurance Federation says Governor Rendell’s idea to install cameras to nab people who are driving without insurance is impractical.