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Dog’s Tail Tells A Tale

Research has determined that a dog’s tail wagging to the left has different meaning than a tail wagging to the right.


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Research Indicates ‘Dogs Are People, Too’

A new study confirms what dog owners have always known: Dogs have feelings, too.


Dog on Beach

The Natural Need For Dogs To Earn

Since all canines have a strong heritage of structure and pack order, they naturally possess an ingrained predisposition to “earn” or work.


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Dogs Show Human-Like Smarts

A study confirmed what dog lovers have known for quite some time now…our best friends are much smarter than we think!


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Re-directing Your Dog’s Instinct For Prey

As caregivers, we must limit where and when our dogs pursue prey so as to protect them from the prey and other dangers they may encounter.


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ASPCA: Don’t Shave Your Dog

The ASPCA states that although the temptation is there to shave your pet in the summer months, it seems to be in their best interest not to, and here’s why.


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Oversee Your Swimming Dog

Many dogs love to swim but there are a number of limits and precautions you should take before and after.


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Dog-Friendly Events In July

In the next week, there are a couple of pet-friendly events in the area.


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Working Dogs

The Working Group of canine breeds is a classification of dogs that were initially bred to help man in service of specialized jobs. Today, they are both helpful and loving.


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Local ASPCA Lends Support For OK Dogs

The ASPCA is lending its support to their partner shelter in Oklahoma, the Central Oklahoma Humane Society, as the facility there experiences an influx of animals affected by the tornado.


Summer Safety Tips For Your Dog

This Memorial Day weekend, there’ll be plenty of picnics, barbecues and get-togethers to celebrate the start of the summer season. Here are a few tips to keep your pets safe.


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Therapy Dogs Provide Comfort And Support

Canines have a natural gift to seek out the suffering and do what they do best: comfort and show affection unconditionally. That’s why therapy dogs have been in Boston this week…and Newtown, CT since December.


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Although the very notion may seem repulsive, Coprophagia or stool eating can be somewhat common in canines, especially puppies.


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Allowing Dogs To Meet

When we’re out with our dogs and meet someone who also has a dog on a leash, we quite often forget that although WE may understand the encounter, our dogs do not. Too often, we bring the dogs together way too soon.


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The Risk Of Rawhide Chew Toys

My clients often ask me about rawhide for their dogs. My advice is almost always: find an alternative chew toy. Here are several reasons why.