Study: Canines Have Their Own Howling DialectDo canines communicate through their own howling dialects?
Training From Your Dog's PerspectiveIf you want to modify or recondition a dog’s behavior, you need to consider the behavior from the dog's perspective.
Dogs Are Not HumanExpecting our dogs to act as humans, is fairly widespread among pet owners and it is truly unfair for our dogs. It’s called Anthropomorphism.
Dogs Need To WalkNo matter what the breed or age, all dogs need a certain amount of exercise on a daily basis.
Don't Feed The Begging DogFeeding your dog at the table, even on occasion, is positively rewarding negative behavior. Don't do it.
Top Canine In New Jersey Nabs More Than 60 Bad GuysThere’s a new top dog in New Jersey, at least in the crime fighting world and this canine, who patrols the city of Camden, is a record setter.
Preventing Your Dog's Ear ProblemsCanine ear problems are not uncommon. There can be various reasons why these problems occur including allergies, foreign material, ear mites or possibly infection.
Benefits Of Dog OwnershipThere are many reasons to love your dog and here’s yet another. Sharing your life with your lovable four-legged companion can actually improve your health.
'Fido Festival' For Dogs To Be Held In South Jersey Fido’s Festival USA, an all-inclusive fair for pups of all breeds and their human parents, is setting up at the Salem County Fairgrounds in Woodstown on Sept. 22 and 23.
Local SPCA Hosts Outreach Event To Protect Dogs From ParvoRecently the Pennsylvania SPCA has seen an alarming increase in a highly contagious, potentially deadly disease found in dogs.

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