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Canine Behavior

(Louie.  Credit: Paul Kurtz)

Canine Obedience Training Vs. Canine Behavioral Training

Canine obedience training and canine behavioral training work in conjunction with one another and have many similarities but there are several differences as well.


(credit:  Noel Celis/Getty Images)

Curbing Canine Begging Behavior

It’s a familiar sight as the family dog goes around the dinner table looking for a quick treat. But do your dog a favor and resist the potentially unhealthy behavior.


Canine Hyperactivity

Very rarely does it occur that hyperactivity cannot be controlled without the use of medication, which should only be diagnosed by your vet or a qualified behaviorist.


(Joe Raedle/Getty Images)


As a canine behaviorist, I’ve seen that the most disconcerting form of communication – for most people and other dogs – is growling.


(credit:  Timothy Clary/Getty Images)

Why Dogs Dig

Many dogs tend to dig which may appear as destructive behavior, especially if it occurs on your lawn or in your garden. But remember, your dog is never doing this out of spite or anger.


Excessive Chewing Behavior

Dogs love to chew but excessive chewing can be a problem. Here are some solutions. No need to punish, just provide alternatives.

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