Campaign 2010


John Vs. Jon: Adler and Runyan Debate In Cherry Hill

John Adler and Jon Runyan, who are vying for a seat in the state’s third congressional district, had a debate in New Jersey last night which was heard on 1210 WPHT.



With Election One Week Away, Campaigns Focus On Numbers

Only seven days left, and right now, all sides in the Pennsylvania campaigns are concentrating on the numbers.



Polls Show Some Local Races Are Tight As Election Day Approaches

In Campaign 2010, from the Jersey Shore to the big suburban counties in Pennsylvania, the tightness of several congressional races is causing a lot of campaign advisers to lose sleep.


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President Obama Will Campaign In Philadelphia Again

In campaign 2010, close is the name of the game as candidates battle each other in the final days. And now word that the president is returning to Philadelphia Saturday, October 30th and the first lady on Monday, November 1st.


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Analysis: Sestak-Toomey In Final Rounds

Two weeks before election day 2010, Democrat Joe Sestak and Republican Pat Toomey are like two battle hardened heavyweight fighters headed into the final rounds. They’re exchanging verbal blows with no time to rest.



Heat Is On As Election Day Approaches

With two weeks and a day to go, the heat is on for the leaders and challengers in the local political races.