Bruce Castor

(Montgomery County commissioners-elect Leslie Richards and Josh Shapiro.)

Democrats Win In Montco Commissioners’ Race

It was a hard fought, expensive campaign, and Election Night proved equally grueling as the results swung back and forth.


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Larry Kane on Election 2011: What I Won’t Miss About This One!

Unless you have been living in a cave you know by now that I have an addiction to politics, especially covering politicos.


Campaign 2011

Election Day: Philadelphia Suburbs

The most closely watched race will be in Montgomery County where Democrats Josh Shapiro and Leslie Richards square off with Republicans Bruce Castor and Jenny Brown.


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Election 2011: Lots Of Nerves On The Eve Of The Election

It’s the day before Election Day and suburban candidates and city Republicans are making the most noise.


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Election 2011 Countdown: Frank Rizzo Goes ‘Robo’ In Next Weeks’ Election

As politics goes, this is an exciting week, with behind the scenes action moving at a rapid pace.


Election 2011 Countdown: Casting Shadows In the Montgomery County Election

A week away from the so-called off year election, there are some real mysteries of the most watched election in this region – the struggle for control of Montgomery County government.


(Credit: Brad Segall, KYW Newsradio)

Republicans Debate Dems On Larry Kane’s Voice Of Reason

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The election is a week from Tuesday. And Democrats are fighting to gain control of Montgomery County for the first time in a century. Taxes are a key issue. The Democrats pledging […]


(Credit: Brad Segall, KYW Newsradio)

Republicans Running For Montco County Commissioner Say Democrats Tea Party Campaign Ad Is Misleading

Appearing on Larry Kane’s Voice of Reason during the first and only televised debate of the campaign, Republican Bruce Castor revealed that Democrat Josh Shapiro met with the Tea Party last October. Shapiro confirmed it but said at the time he wasn’t running for Commissioner.


(File photo: Montgomery County commissioners Leslie Richards and Josh Shapiro. Credit: Brad Segall)

Dems Say Montco Commissioners Should Get Access To Casino Revenues

Under current law, the money generated by the table games and slot machines at the new Valley Forge Casino will go into a state fund that would be doled out from Harrisburg.


Bruce Castor (left) and Jenny Brown (right). (Credit: Brad Segall)

Race For Montgomery County Commissioner Heating Up

With 21 days left, it is the most contested election in this so-called political off year: the race for Montgomery County Commissioner.


Bruce Castor (left) and Jenny Brown (right). (Credit: Brad Segall)

Republican Candidates Promise To Get Montgomery County’s Fiscal House In Order

Jenny Brown and Bruce Castor laid out their management reforms designed, they say, to get the county back on solid financial footing.



Philadelphia’s Venerable Castor Family Celebrates 275 Years In America

A couple of hundred members of the Castor family are participating in a reunion all weekend long in Philadelphia.


(Admitted embezzler William McKernan III was led from the courtroom in handcuffs following his sentencing today.   Photo by Brad Segall)

Montco Accountant Goes Directly To Jail For Embezzling From Clients and Little League

William McKernan III admitted he was living the high life on somebody else’s dime, spending tens of thousands of dollars on lavish vacations, expensive clothing, and golf outings.


Montgomery County Republican Reconsiders Campaign Tactics

Political strategists in Montgomery County are assessing a new Democratic team, but there is a new behind-the-scenes twist.


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Montco Commish Expected To Make Announcement

Joe Hoeffel, Montgomery County Commissioner, is expected to hold a news conference Monday morning in Norristown to make an announcement that could shake up the Democratic Party.