Bristol Borough

Video Surveillance

Bristol Borough Council Members Propose Streaming Surveillance Video On Television

There are hundreds of television channels out there but in one Bucks County community, there could soon be another. People may soon be able to watch a video feed of a police security camera – from their couch.



Police: Bucks County Mailman Prevents Kidnapping

Two families are forever grateful to their Bristol Borough mailman who has come to mean so much more.


‘Hero’ Mailman Stops Attempted Abduction In Bucks County

A mailman in Bucks County is being called a hero for stopping an attempted abduction in Bristol Boro Friday afternoon.


Meth Home

Meth Lab Nightmare In Bristol Borough

The young couple bought the home for $190,000 after it passed inspections. Rob Quigley and Jenn Friberg bought the home in Bristol because it was everything they were looking for.