Bridget Kirn

(Padge Victoria Windslowe, in file photo provided by Phila. PD)

Phila. ‘Black Madam’ Gets Long Prison Term For Fatal Butt Injections

The defendant, Padge Windslowe, expressed remorse for her old life, which included injecting women in hotel rooms to make their butts look bigger.


(Padge Victoria Windslowe, in file photo provided by Phila. PD)

‘Black Madam’ Sentencing Scheduled For June

Prosecutor Bridget Kirn says the defendant’s motive was money for her recording studio – performing under the name “Black Madam” – and for expensive cars.


(File photo by Joe Raedle/ Getty Images)

Philadelphia Couple Sentenced in Drug Overdose Death of Infant

Despite pleading guilty, neither defendant specifically admitted giving the drugs to the baby.


(Marcus King and Nadera Batson.  King pleaded guilty and cooperated with investigators.  Phila. PD photos)

Long Sentence For West Phila. Woman In Torture-Murder of Godson, 3

Nadera Batson, right, and a codefendant were accused in the death of three-year-old Jaquinn Brewton, who was beaten repeatedly and burned with a blowtorch.


(Christian Patrick and LaShay Patterson.  Photos from Phila. PD)

Phila. Pair Will Be Tried For First-Degree Murder in Beating Death of 5-Year-Old

Even sanitized for publication, the facts in the case are disturbing.


Philadelphia Couple Heads To Court Following Death Of Baby

A Hunting Park couple has been ordered to trial for a stunning murder. The 9-month-old victim died from a staggering level of cocaine and heroin intoxication last summer. An assistant medical examiner has testified it was comparable to a case in which an adult drug mule swallowed his stash.


(Padge-Victoria Windslowe.  Photo from Phila. PD)

”Black Madam” Held For Trial, Accused of Injuring Woman With Butt-Enhancing Silicone

Padge Windslowe, known as the “Black Madam,” is the same person-of-interest in the silicone-injection death of a British tourist but has not been charged in that incident.



Bail Reduced For Woman Charged In Dangerous Butt-Enhancement Injections

Padge-Victoria Windslowe, 42, is charged with aggravated assault in connection with an alleged injection last month and is still under investigation in connection with a death last year.


(Jaquinn Brewton.  File photo)

Philadelphia Couple Held For Trial In Torture Death Of 3-Year-Old Boy

Witnesses have detailed the horrific murder of a three-year-old Philadelphia boy who was beaten, burned, and tortured for months before he died last summer.