Boeing Corp.

(A V-22 "Osprey" tilt-rotor aircraft comes in for a landing at the Boeing plant in Delaware County, Pa.  Photo by David Madden)

One of Boeing’s V-22 Ospreys Returns Briefly To Its Delco Nest

The Ospreys, which are completed in Texas, mean jobs for two-thirds of the 6,200 workers at the Ridley Park plant.


(The Boeing 787 "Dreamliner" is the first airliner built with composites, rather than an aluminum fuselage.  Credit: Jim Melwert)

New Boeing Airliner Visits Philadelphia, Showing Off Its Fuel Efficiency

The plane that Boeing calls the “first all-new airplane of the 21st century” made a stop in Philadelphia, giving Delaware Valley people who worked on its many new technologies a chance to check out the finished product.