Exposure To Natural Light May Influence Body WeightTwenty minutes of natural light in the morning is associated with leaner figures.
Yes, You Can Be Too ThinYou might be surprised that research has found that being underweight puts people at even higher risk of dying early than obesity.
School Food Laws Help Kids Battle Obesity, Three-Year Study FindsA new study on child obesity indicates that students gain less weight if they go to schools in states with stronger laws about what foods can be sold outside their breakfast and lunch programs.
Study Suggests A Better Way To Measure ObesityThe BMI or the Body Mass Index is the way we traditionally measure whether someone is obese or not. We base most of our obesity statistics in this country on the BMI.
Overweight Children Risk Medical Issues In Adult YearsThere is a report from the British Medical Journal which finds a high childhood body mass index is associated with risk factors like heart disease and stroke in the adult years.

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