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I Dump 4

by KYW’s Bob Bicknell Well, depending on your point of view, this is either funny, cruel, or both. will – for a fee – break you up with your current significant other, then perhaps […]



by KYW’s Bob Bicknell I love gadgets, but even this professional web surfer can’t possibly learn about them all. But my odds just went up after visiting



by KYW’s Bob Bicknell Everything’s sweet at this site, which is all about confections. Every day, you’ll find 2-3 sweet-related entries related to new candy, old candy, candy news and even reviews.



by KYW’s Bob Bicknell This one’s for you, ladies. If you’re a die-hard blogger, or a blog reader, then click your computer to



by KYW’s Bob Bicknell Created by a mother of four, this site caters to moms, dads, kids and entire families with an easily digestible mix of information and entertainment.


This is Photo

by KYW’s Bob Bicknell Ah, the photobomb. That’s where – in the middle of a really great picture, someone steps in and, well, bombs it.


Facebook Adds Location-Based Application 'Places'

There’s a new version of Facebook for mobile users of the social networking service. Facebook Places will let you tell friends exactly where you are.



by KYW’s Bob Bicknell Looking to spice up your workplace? Well, this site can help, but only as far as your monitor is concerned.



by KYW’s Bob Bicknell This site is mainly for women, and calls itself “your anonymous best friend.” Basically, it’s an online confessional, along the lines of the popular site,


by KYW’s Bob Bicknell With apologies to my friend Bill Wine, who needs professional movie reviewers? puts the power in your hands, as well as the hands of others who also love to watch […]


by KYW’s Bob Bicknell Don’t rely on others to drag you into the social networking scene – do it yourself!


by KYW’s Bob Bicknell If you thought PowerPoint was the only presentation tool around, think again. is a web-based presentation site that can change the way you give presentations.


'Geotagging' Tips for Photos Posted on Social Media Sites

Internet services like Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare can help you inform family and friends of every little detail of your life.  But they can also be giving away that same information to hackers and criminals […]


IKEA Hacker.

by KYW’s Bob Bicknell OK, college students, you already know how a few dollars and an Allen wrench can turn your dorm into an IKEA wonderland. But don’t limit yourself to the pictures of the […]


The Wedding

by KYW’s Bob Bicknell This is a wedding-themed site, and there’s information here about registering for gifts and all that stuff. But this site’s best feature is the wedding gift calculator.