Boating Safety

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Is Missing Jersey Shore Boater Dead? Or On The Run?

An Atlantic City newspaper reports there’s a flier making the rounds of law enforcement that says Andrew Biddle may be “alive and well and on the run.”


(A police marine unit patrolling.  Photo by Jay Lloyd)

Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Summertime Boating Safety Reminders

Here are my annual boating getaway tips.


(L to R: USCG veterans Jay Lloyd, Jack Hennessey, and Dick Doherty.)

Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Boating Safety Voices of Experience

As boaters and guests start a new season on the water, US Coast Guard veterans provide some hard-won safety tips.


(KYW's Jay Lloyd at the helm, wearing his inflatable flotation device.  Credit: Mary Lloyd)

Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Safety For The Boating Guest

Jay Lloyd, a US Coast Guard veteran, has some tips that you won’t find in the safety manuals.


(An Ellis Island tour boat gets a US Coast Guard escort in New York Harbor.  Credit: Jay Lloyd)

Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Coast Guard Updates Water Safety Regulations

Waterborne getaways this year will have a new feel, and heightened safety, thanks to a major new Coast Guard regulation.


Petty Officer 2nd Class Hector Clemente demonstrates proper boating safety techniques. (Credit: John McDevitt)

Coast Guard Urges Safety First When Boating This Holiday Weekend

The captain of the port of Philadelphia reminds boaters to put safety first this holiday weekend.


(Photo by Jay Lloyd)

Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Give Yourself A Boating Safety Refresher

Jay Lloyd, a US Coast Guard veteran, offers some getaway tips that will make your summer safer and more fun.