Report Finds Ozone Pollution Is Affecting Our BloodA new report out of Duke University finds that exposure to ozone pollution was found to affect the blood.
A Month For Stroke AwarenessMay is Stroke Awareness Month, so listen up.
Managing Hypertension Critical To Good HealthHypertension is the most common chronic condition treated by family physicians - and with good reason.
Cozying Up By The Fire Really IS Relaxing, Study ClaimsAccording to a new study from the University of Alabama, sitting next to a roaring fire actually lowers blood pressure.
The Right Dose Of Dark Chocolate Scientists have determined that chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, may help prevent heart disease, but only if it is consumed in moderation.
Local Pharmacy Offers New Way To Test If You May Need Mental Health CounselingYou can now get a blood pressure reading and may soon be able to find out if you need mental health counseling as you wait at the local pharmacy.
Study: The 'White Coat Effect' Might Be RealFeeling anxious about that upcoming doctor’s visit? You might want to make sure the nurse -- not your physician -- takes your blood pressure.
Pre-Hypertension Increases Risk Of StrokeA study of people with blood pressure higher than 120/80 but lower than 140/90 found they were 66% more likely to develop a stroke than people who had normal blood pressure.
Area Residents Can Learn How To Keep Their Hearts Healthy In NE PhiladelphiaCardiologist Dr. Thomas Metkus says it's essential for people to understand what may be happening to them so they know what not to ignore.
Study: Sunlight May Lower Blood PressureIf you’ve been avoiding the sun in an effort to lower your risk of skin cancer, you might want to rethink that strategy.
Watch The SaltThere are definite advantages to keeping your salt intake under control.
Health: New Experimental Blood Pressure Treatment 3 On Your Side Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl has more on how local doctors are testing a device they hope will be more effective than traditional drugs.

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