Defamation Doesn’t Mean Name Calling

If defamation is like name calling, can you defame someone if you never actually mention his name?


Free Speech Rights Of Students

What are the free speech rights of students to post mean things on a website that they write off campus and not during school hours?


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For Bloggers of Color, Two Days of F2F in Philadelphia

“Blogging While Brown” is a social media and technology confence for bloggers of color.


(credit:  Ron Levine/Getty Images)

Blogging As Therapy For Teens

New research finds that when teenagers detail their angst in a blog, the therapeutic value is even better than writing to ‘dear diary’.


Stigall Show Log 7.28.11

Chris thinks Republicans should rally around John Boehner’s debt ceiling plan. He examines the cases of a police officer fired for going to a bar while on duty and a teacher reinstated after posting comments about students on her blog. Finally, he talks to Senator Jim Demint about his oppostion to Boehner’s plan.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–07/28/2011


by KYW’s Bob Bicknell This one’s for you, ladies. If you’re a die-hard blogger, or a blog reader, then click your computer to