Black Madam

Padge Victoria Windslowe.  (credit: Philadelphia Police)

“Black Madam” Faces Cross-Examination In Black Market Body Enhancement Murder Case

Padge Victoria Windslowe is charged with murder in the death of one woman, and assault in a second case in connection with illegal buttocks enhancement injections.


Padge Victoria Windslowe.  (credit: Philadelphia Police)

Defendant Takes The Stand In Fatal Buttocks Enhancement Case

Windslowe will return to the stand in the morning. She still faces cross examination by the prosecution.


Padge Victoria Windslowe.  (credit: Philadelphia Police)

‘Black Madam,’ Defendant In Buttocks Injection Trial, Makes Wardrobe Change After Court’s Suggestion

The murder trial of a Montgomery County woman accused of performing a deadly buttocks-enhancement procedure took a bizarre turn Thursday when the court suggested the defendant make a wardrobe change.


Padge Victoria Windslowe.  (credit: Philadelphia Police)

Medical Examiner Testifies In ‘Black Madam’ Silicone Injection Trial

Dr. Fredric Hellman has testified that 20-year-old Claudia Aderotimi died from complications of silicone injections into her rear.


Padge Victoria Windslowe.  (credit: Philadelphia Police)

Witness Testifies Defendant In Silicone Injection Murder Trial Tried To Extort Money After Affair

Prosecution witness James Taterka, a Montgomery County gastroenterologist, says neither he nor his practice ordered the industrial grade silicone that Padge Windslowe was using for butt injections to enhance clients’ rear ends.


Padge Victoria Windslowe.  (credit: Philadelphia Police)

Trial Continues For Montco Woman Charged With Performing Deadly, and Near Deadly, Cosmetic Procedures

The defendant, Padge Victoria Windslowe, is on trial for aggravated assault against one woman who had to be hospitalized for months, and for third-degree murder in the death of another woman.

KYW Newsradio 1060–02/20/2015

Padge Victoria Windslowe.  (credit: Philadelphia Police)

Key Witness Not Cooperating As ‘Black Madam’ Murder Trial Begins

A key witness in the murder trial of the “Black Madam” has gone south on the prosecution, and she won’t testify at trial, which is scheduled to start this morning.


Padge Victoria Windslowe.  (credit: Philadelphia Police)

Jury Selection Scheduled To Begin For ‘Black Madam’ Trial

Padge Victoria Windslowe allegedly injected low grade silicone, and then finished the procedure with crazy glue to keep the silicone from leaking.


(Padge-Victoria Windslowe.  Photo from Phila. PD)

‘Black Madam’ Loses Crucial Pre-Trial Motion

The woman who called herself the “Black Madam” has lost a pre-trial motion to present the testimony of satisfied customers at trial, scheduled for next year.


Stigall Show Log 10.11.12

Chris previews tonights debate and discusses it with Dennis Miller and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. He also talks to Congressman Pat Meehan about hearings in the House of Representatives on the Libyan consulate attack.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–10/11/2012

(Padge-Victoria Windslowe.  Photo from Phila. PD)

Murder Trial Ordered for ‘Black Madam’ in Fatal Buttocks-Enhancement Injection

She calls herself “Black Madam,” but prosecutors call her a killer.


Padge Winslowe

Preliminary Hearing For So-Called ‘Black Madam’ Postponed

A preliminary hearing for the woman who gained fame for illegally injecting women in the buttocks has been postponed.


Stigall Show Log 7.25.12

Chris examines President Obama’s campaign trying to re-explain his comments on small business. He remembers actor Sherman Hemsley, who died yesterday at age 74. He also talks to Editor of Philly Magaizine, Tom McGrath, about Philadelphia’s 10 Best.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–07/25/2012

(Padge-Victoria Windslowe.  Photo from Phila. PD)

‘Black Madam’ Charged With Third Degree Murder & Other Offenses

The woman police dubbed the “Black Madam” has been charged with Third Degree Murder, Conspiracy, Reckless Endangerment, Possessing an Instrument of Crime, and Unauthorized Practice of Medicine for the 2011 death of a British woman.


Stigall Show Log 5.17.12

Chris details Mayor Michael Nutter’s plan for teen’s this summer. He talks to Michael Klein about the tax crimes committed at Nifty Fifty’s, Gordon Mack, who is competing in the MLB Fan Cave Contest, and Pro Wrestler Mick Foley about his comedy show tonight in Williamstown NJ.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–05/17/2012



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