(credit: Denise-Buchanan)

Bird Snap App

The BirdSnap app can help amateur ornothologists identify bird species – and even fill you in on similiar ones (and how to tell the difference).


(Dave Magpiong.  Photo provided)

Local Group Hopes To Expand Ethnic Diversity of Birdwatching Community

A small conference next Saturday at the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge aims to make a big impact on the complexion of birding.


(Owen Wilson, Steve Martin, and Jack Black head a big cast in "The Big Year.")

Movie Review: ‘The Big Year’

Lord knows, bird enthusiasts have been waiting quite a while for a flick aimed at their demographic.


(Song sparrow.  File photo by Molly Daly)

Area Birdwatchers Pitching In On Bird Population Count

The Great Backyard Bird Count, an effort billed as citizen science, is going on now through Monday.