Rand Paul At WPHT Speaker SeriesKentucky Senator and 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Rand Paul appeared at the National Constitution Center as part of Talk Radio 1210 WPHT's Speaker Series with Dom Giordano.
A 1789 Version of The Bill of Rights Goes on Display in Philadelphia"It's a great day for Pennsylvania and a great day for Philadelphia that we actually get to view an original copy," Gov. Tom Corbett said during a speech at the exhibit opening.
Rare Bill Of Rights Copy Goes On Display In PhillyThe National Constitution Center is putting a rare, original copy of the Bill of Rights on display.
Your City Guide to Washington D.C.Refer to this guide to the best dining, lodging and attractions in Washington D.C.
Lawyer For Hobby Lobby: 'Women Of Faith...Are Rejoicing' Over SCOTUS Contraception RulingOn Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Chris Stigall spoke with Adele Keim from the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty who represented Hobby Lobby in their case against the federal government’s mandate that they provide certain types of birth control they object to for their employees.
Pa. House Advances ‘In God We Trust’ BillThe bill, which allows the posting of “In God We Trust” and the Bill of Rights in schools, was previously amended by the House to eliminate language that had required schools to display the national motto.
It’s The Bill Of Rights, Not The Bill Of NeedsSo, why is okay for a state to restrict your right to protect yourself in public?
The New Patient's Bill Of RightsThe new Patient's Bill of Rights protects many basic rights of Americans when it comes to personal health care and dealing with insurance companies.
US Supreme Court Decides Silence Isn't Enough To Avoid Self-IncriminationThe newest Supreme Court ruling on what has become known as the "Miranda" warning makes a big shift, according to James Funt, chair of the Philadelphia Bar Association's criminal justice section. In his words, "Anything you don't say could be used against you in court."
3 On Your Side: Cruise Passenger Bill of RightsThere’s a new bill designed to protect you if the unexpected happens during your trip.
Constitution Center Deal Will Bring an Original 'Bill of Rights' to PhiladelphiaThe New York Public Library acquired what is believed to be Pennsylvania's copy in 1896.
Op-Ed: Actor Richard Dreyfuss Imagines Obama Press Conference Addressing Rick Santorum CommentRichard Dreyfuss shares and op-ed piece on an imaginary news conference given by President Obama discussing Rick Santorum.

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