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Katz’s Death Strikes A Hard Blow For Staff Of Philadelphia’s Daily Papers

Lewis Katz’s death has hit Philadelphia’s daily newspapers especially hard. His victory in Tuesday’s auction for ownership was seen as a boost for high journalistic standards. His loss is felt both personally and professionally.


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Ruling Awaited by Del. Judge on Format of Inquirer Newspaper Auction

It’s part of on ongoing power struggle by the estranged co-owners of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News.


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Judge Orders Fired Philadelphia Inquirer Editor Bill Marimow Be Immediately Reinstated

The firing of the editor in chief at the Philadelphia Inquirer that touched off a legal brawl between the wealthy owners has been reversed in court.


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Details of Internecine Fight at Philadelphia Inquirer In Court Spotlight

Publisher Robert Hall once told workers the current lawsuit represents the “Allies versus Axis powers,” and they “can’t be Switzerland and sit neutral in the middle,” according to recent testimony.


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Back To Court For The Inquirer

Lawyers and rival owner factions at the Philadelphia Inquirer return to a City Hall courtroom this morning for more arguments, as a Common Pleas Judge tries to decide who is in charge.


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Judge To Decide Whether Newspaper Court Battle Belongs In Philadelphia Or Delaware

High-powered lawyers made their pitches on venue: Philadelphia, where the papers are based; or Delaware, where the company is incorporated.


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Dismissal Sought of Philadelphia Lawsuit Among Phila. Inquirer Owners

Ten lawyers marched single-file into a judge’s chambers for private, closed-door talks, after which in open court the judge said only that she would hear arguments next week on where the case should be heard.


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Legal Battle Between Newspaper Owners Begins In Court Today

In a two-week span, publisher Bob Hall fired editor Bill Marimow, two co-owners filed a lawsuit seeking to re-instate Marimow and fire Hall, and another owner filed a counter-suit.


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Another Lawsuit Filed Among Owners in Philadelphia Inquirer Personnel Rift

When publisher Robert Hall fired Inquirer editor Bill Marimow last week, the feud among the owners of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News become public.


Owners Of Philadelphia Inquirer Headed To Court

Two of the Inquirer’s owners are suing its parent company and its publisher.


Bill Marimow Out As Editor Of Philadelphia Inquirer

There’s been another shake-up at the Philadelphia Inquirer.


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Papers’ New Owners Welcome Familiar Face Back To Inquirer

Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner Bill Marimow was unceremoniously yanked as executive editor when hedge funds took control of the papers a year and a half ago, but two days after local investors bought the paper, Marimow was rehired for his old job.


New Newspaper Boss Gets Started By Demoting Inquirer Editor

Greg Osberg officially takes over at the Inquirer today, and demoting editor Bill Marimow back to reporter was among his first orders of business.