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Philadelphia City Council Approves Bar Bouncer Training Bill

Bar bouncers are going to have to bone up on crowd control: City Council has given final approval to a measure requiring that all bouncers get proper training.



City Council Votes To Keep Waiters’ Tips Out Of Restaurant Owners’ Hands

Score one for the waiters, as City Council approved a bill that stops restaurant owners in Philadelphia from deducting credit card fees from the waiters’ tips.



PPA Head Says ‘Wish We Thought Of That’ To Councilman’s Penalty Delay Idea

“I do think that the Councilman’s bill, if its explained to me correctly, is visionary thinking. And I’m ashamed that someone here didn’t think of it,” Vince Fennerty said.


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Councilman Proposes Delay For PPA Penalties

The Parking Authority slaps you with a $20 penalty if you don’t pay a ticket within fifteen days. City Councilman Bill Greenlee says by the time the Authority mails out a reminder that you owe, the penalty has been added.


(File photo: a stringent curfew was temporarily instituted immediately following some incidents of mob violence in Philadelphia. Credit:  Cherri Gregg)

Philadelphia Lawmakers Move Ahead on More Restrictive Curfew Law

The vote came despite objections from the ACLU, which called the bill unconstitutional.



Councilman Wants To Rein In Aggressive Bar Bouncers

“I’ve seen where bouncers could have taken a deep breath, taken a little more time and maybe calm the situation, instead of laying their hands on people and making situations worse,” Bill Greenlee says.


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City Council Fails To Resurrect Mandatory Sick Leave Measure

Even as Philadelphia City Council on Thursday overrode one veto by Mayor Michael Nutter, another veto by the mayor will stand.


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Philadelphia Councilmen Make Adjustment To Paid Sick Leave Bill

The debate continues in City Council over whether to force local firms to give workers earned sick leave. The proposal was amended Thursday, but not enough to satisfy critics.


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Philadelphia Councilman Wants Future Bike Lanes To Have Council Approval

A Philadelphia city councilman wants any future bike lanes in the city to require Council approval. The new buffered lanes on Spruce and Pine, and upcoming bike lanes on 10th and 13th streets were products of the Nutter Administration.



Councilman Greenlee Wants Tickets For Street Trash To Be More Specific

Greenlee says the inspectors should try to make sure the trash actually belongs to the homeowner who is being ticketed.


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Philadelphia Streets Kept In Dark By Vandals

The Streets Department is doing a citywide survey of alley lights, because of rampant vandalism to the lights caused by those who would prefer that the alleys stay dark.


(Mayor Nutter signs changes to Philadelphia's "Fair Practices Law" on Thursday at City Hall.  Photo by Mike Dunn)

Mayor Nutter Signs Expansion Of Philadelphia’s ‘Fair Practices’ Law

The nearly five-decade-old Philadelphia law that deals with discrimination got a major makeover today, adding some new groups to those it protects.




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