Bill Gault

(Local 22 president Bill Gault, right, with other fire union officials at the union's headquarters on July 17th.  Credit: Mike DeNardo)

Philadelphia Firefighters’ Union Wins Another Ruling On Pay Raises

The city, claiming the award was too expensive, appealed the original arbitration award nearly two years ago.


(The fire at the Buck Hosiery Company, in Kensington, took the lives of Philadelphia firefighters Robert Neary and Daniel Sweeney.  File photo)

After Blaze That Killed 2 Philadelphia Firemen, Firefighters’ Union Wants Ayers Out

Leaders of the firefighters’ union in Philadelphia are calling for the resignation of Philadelphia fire commissioner Lloyd Ayers and two of his top deputies following the death last month of two firemen in a Kensington warehouse fire.


(Firefighters Local 22 headquarters, at 5th and Willow Streets in Philadelphia.  File photo by Michelle Durham)

Philadelphia Firefighters’ Union Shares Department’s Loss of 2 Brethren

“We’re just grieving, looking for answers that are going to take time to get,” said Local 22 president Bill Gault.


File Photo

Union: Philadelphia Firefighters Being Punished For Getting Injured On The Job

Philadelphia firefighters claim they are being punished by the department for being injured on the job.


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Study: Overwhelmed Philadelphia Medics Are Among Busiest In America

A study of the Philadelphia’s medic units reveals they are incredibly busy. In fact, based on last year’s numbers, two Kensington area based Medic units are the shaping up to be the busiest in the country.


(A Philadelphia Fire Department medic unit.  File photo)

Pa. Court Says Philadelphia Paramedics Can Remain In Firefighters’ Union

At issue was whether Philadelphia Fire Department paramedics should be allowed to stay in the union or, as the mayor wants, be forced to negotiate a separate deal.


(Firefighters' union Local 22 president Bill Gault, at lectern, gestures while addressing councilmembers in the City Council caucus room today.  Credit: Mike Dunn)

Firefighters’ Union Asks City To Halt Mass Reassignment of Paramedics

“Anything you could do, we would greatly appreciate,” said Bill Gault, head of Firefighters Local 22, in a personal plea to City Council members.



Firefighters’ Union: 2nd Suicide Shows Need For Mental Health Resources

Local 22 President Bill Gault says there is a well-qualified Employee Assistance Program in place, but firefighters are reluctant to use it for several reasons.



Authorities Remember Philadelphia Firefighter Who Took His Own Life

In the wake of the suicide death last week of Philadelphia Firefighter Jack Slivinski, the Firefighter’s Union is sounding the alarm.


(Members of the firefighters' union outside Philadelphia City Hall)

Mayor Nutter, Union Squabble Over Cause Of Spike In 2010 Fire Deaths

Fire deaths in Philadelphia rose slightly last year, however the Nutter administration and the firefighters union are squabbling over the cause of the increase.


Mayor Nutter

Firefighters Awarded New Contract, Nutter To Appeal

After months of waiting, the city and its fire fighters received an arbitration decision on a new contract.


EMS union demo mabrams

Unions Rally In Support Of Unionization For Philly Paramedics

Dozens of union members gathered in solidarity to support the city’s 200+ paramedics who are seeking to stay in the firefighters’ union despite a state labor board ruling saying the city can exclude them.



Philadelphia Paramedics To Appeal Labor Board Ruling

The Philadelphia Firefighters Union is pursuing an appeal of a State Labor Relations Board ruling that said paramedics are not members.


Pa. House Bill Addresses Cancer in Firefighters

by KYW’s Michelle Durham There’s a bill in the Pennsylvania State Senate that would presume a fire fighter (current or retired), if later diagnosed with cancer, that they were exposed to elements on the job […]