Independence Hall File Photo (Credit: John McDevitt)

KYW Flashback: Celebrating The 200th Anniversary Of The United States Constitution In Philadelphia

It was the 200th anniversary of the historic gathering to draft a constitution that would define the morals and goals of a new country.


File photo of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.  (Photo by Hadas Kuznits)

KYW Flashback: Bicentennial “American Way Festival” Hits The Parkway

They poured onto the Parkway, enjoyed the entertainment and a day of fantastic weather. But for those, putting together the 1976 bicentennial celebration it was a dramatic nod to their ability to stage a successful event for an unimagined crowd.



Guide To Local War Of 1812 Bicentennial Events

These regional events are being held to commemorate a 200-year-old war during nationwide bicentennial celebrations. Here’s where you’ll find them in Pennsylvania and neighboring states.


(Anthony Mackie and Kerry Washington star in “Night Catches Us,” a new film set in Philadelpha in 1976.)

Movie Review: Night Catches Us 

Too much of the time we feel we’re watching something that’s taking place after the drama has already unfolded.