(Richard Maloney, the former KYW Newsradio reporter and military veteran, visits the US Navy submarine base at New London, Conn.   File photo by Jay Lloyd)

Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Memories of Military Service

Many US military veterans make pilgrimages to the places where they once served. Some are surprised to see how much things have changed.


(credit: Jay Lloyd)

Getaway Guide: A Bermuda Cruise

A popular cruise destination for Philadelphia vacationers is the coral island of Bermuda. Fares are reasonable and you’ll likely get a full three nights on the island.


(credit: Jay Lloyd)

Getaway Guide: Valentine’s Day Splurges

For the spontaneous at heart willing to part with a sizeable nest egg for the joy of an ultimate surprise and a lifetime memory, how about a Valentine Getaway to exotic and romantic places?


(Kathryn Lloyd takes a moment to grab some sunshine in Barcelona.  Photo by Jay Lloyd)

Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Finding Your Place In The Sun

Suffering from frost fatigue? Want to relocate somewhere warm, even for a season? You can do it.


(A dining deck at a Bermuda hotel.  File photo by Jay Lloyd)

Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: The Merry Month of May

May: it’s my favorite getaway month.


Man Sentenced In Philly-To-Bermuda Drug Scheme

A former baggage handler at Philadelphia International Airport has been sentenced in a drug smuggling scheme.


(A freshening breeze whips flags in Bermuda, the first sign that a storm is on the way.   Credit: Jay Lloyd)

Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Caribbean Travel During Hurricane Season

Fall getaways to Bermuda and the Caribbean can easily be detoured by the wild winds of nature. KYW’s Jay Lloyd offers a few tips.


(If you're planning an extended stay in Bermuda -- up to three months -- consider renting a furnished apartment or cottage.  Credit: Jay Lloyd)

Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Longer Vacations In Bermuda

Since the late ’40s, one of the most popular island destinations for Philadelphians has been Bermuda, less than two hours away by jet.


Bermuda Golf

VIDEO: Dom Giordano in Bermuda!

Check out Dom Giordano enjoying all the Bermuda has to offer!



Dom Giordano’s Bermuda Blog – #8

When you go, you have to hit my favorite spot in Hamilton, Ascot’s Restaurant.



Dom Giordano’s Bermuda Blog – #7

The golf courses in Bermuda all offer spectacular views and memorable holes.



Dom Giordano’s Bermuda Blog – #6

It’s almost like a set designed by Disney. Everything seems so balmy and fresh.



Dom Giordano’s Bermuda Blog – #5

You know if you really like England and the traditions Bermuda has many of them and it’s just two hours away and the climate is definitely a lot better.



Dom Giordano’s Bermuda Blog – #4

One of the best parts about going back to Bermuda for a second time is that I have a top five of spots to hit.



Dom Giordano’s Bermuda Blog – #3

Less two weeks from today I’ll be back in Bermuda and ready to golf, hit the beaches, and even go to a great tennis camp.