Top Apple Pie In PhiladelphiaApple Pie is a very popular fruit pie that is enjoyed typically for dessert, whether you prefer it Dutch with some raisins; or topped with ice cream as the Swedes do. Here are the top 5 places to get a delicious slice of Apple Pie in the Philadelphia Area.
Top Chocolate-Based Desserts In PhiladelphiaThere is no shortage of chocolate in the city, with plenty of places to find some.
Top Bakeries In Philadelphia For Pi DayPi Day is Monday March 14 and if you want to celebrate this holiday without having to bake one yourself, there are several places In the city to get a quality pie. Here are the top 5 bakeries for pies.
Top Fruitcake In PhiladelphiaIf you are looking for fruitcakes to enjoy, here are five places in the Philadelphia area that make different kinds of fruit cake.
Top Spots To Buy Cookies In PhiladelphiaCookies can be a magical treat; they can be made to be healthier, and they can also just be decadent. Here are the top five places to buy cookies for various needs in Philly.
The Day Before Lent, A Sweet Tradition at Reading Terminal Market"Fat Tuesday, the fasnacht donut, is a potato donut fried up, just plain or powdered with cinnamon and sugar," explains Keith Beiler of Beiler's Bakery.
Bakery In Reading Terminal Named One Of America’s 20 Best Dessert SpotsFodor's Travel Guide has named Beiler's Bakery "one of America's 20 best Dessert Spots."
Top Bakeries In PhiladelphiaWhether you want bagels or baguettes, cannolis or croissants, these spots are sure to please.

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