Beeber Middle School

(Students go through security screening at Fels High School.  2012 file photo by Mike DeNardo)

Report Shows Violence Continuing to Decline in Philadelphia Public Schools

The district says that overall, violent incidents declined 32 percent, down for the third year in a row.


(Philadelphia schools superintendent Dr. William Hite shares a morning snack and a moment with a student at Beeber Middle School.  Credit: Mike DeNardo)

Philadelphia School Year Begins Amid Uncertainties

It’s day one of a year with unprecendented challenges.


(Credit: Steve Tawa)

Philadelphia Workshop Empowers Boys To Step Up Their Writing Game

If the common wisdom is that boys lag behind girls in writing skills, some are bucking the trend, especially those attending workshops in Philadelphia that foster creative thinking.


file photo (credit: Getty Images)

Philadelphia School District Says Beeber Middle School Will Remain Open

Dimner Beeber Middle School will remain open, officials said on Tuesday.