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Beasley’s Commentary

Danny Watkins

Beasley’s Commentary: These Things Take Time

I understand the Eagles’ problems. They outwitted the league by stock piling salary cap millions to take advantage of a wild free agency frenzy.



Beasley’s Commentary: Eagles Make Moves

The Eagles made a couple of deals today that will hopefully keep the vocal, mistrusting few from counting the Birds out before the first kick off.


Chase Utley

Beasley’s Commentary: Chasing Down Chase

My final day at Phillies Spring Training was a blur. We chased down Chase Utley for an extended chat then headed to the airport to fly home to Philly.


Dallas Green

Beasley’s Commentary: Dallas Green Addresses Media After Loss Of ‘Princess’

By Beasley Reece: The nation met Dallas Green’s granddaughter too late. Christina Taylor Green was murdered in the Arizona massacre. Six people died at the hands of a madman who will be forever nameless under this reporter’s pen.


One On One

Beasley’s Commentary: One-On-One With Cliff Lee

You have to be very sharp to outwit your opponent in the chess match between pitchers and hitters. The best Pitchers are smart guys. Cliff Lee is no exception.



Beasley’s Commentary: Concussion Controversy

The NFL’s new concussion policy clearly states that a player suffering a concussion may “not return to play or practice on the same day” then goes on to detail a long list of criteria that must be judged before the player can be cleared to play.