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“Battle of the Badges”

(credit: CBS3)

Philadelphia Firefighters And Police Face Off In ‘Battle Of The Badges’

Philadelphia police and firefighters are gearing up for an epic battle – against each other!


(Batallion chief Leroy Ruffin with Leah Brown, wife of fire lieutenant Andrew Brown.  Photo by Hadas Kuznits)

Wife of Philadelphia Firefighter Sets Pace in 3-Month Weight Loss Competition

Leah Brown, right, was celebrated for her participation in last year’s police-versus-fire weight-loss competition, called “The Battle of the Badges.”

KYW Newsradio 1060–02/04/2015

(credit: Paul Kurtz)

Philadelphia Fire Department Crowned Champs Of ‘Battle Of The Badges’

The 25th annual weight loss competition known as the “Battle of the Badges” goes to the Philadelphia Fire Department.


(Fire commissioner Lloyd Ayers, left, and police commissioner Charles Ramsey at today's press conference.  Photo by Michelle Durham)

Philadelphia Police, Firefighters Renew Weight-Loss Competition For 25th Year

Tuesday was the kickoff to the 25th annual “Battle of The Badges” that pits Philadelphia police officers against firefighters to see which service can lose the most weight in 13 weeks.


(Fire commissioner Lloyd Ayers and weight-loss champ Stephen Hess hoist the "Battle of the Badges" weight loss trophy.  Photo by Paul Kurtz)

Philadelphia Fire Department Evens Score In 24-Year Weight Loss Rivalry

The Philadelphia Fire Department has earned bragging rights for the upcoming year after winning its 2010 weight loss competition against the Philadelphia Police Department.