Barnegat Bay

Joe Varalli's boat ended up in Bill Halbeissen's backyard after Hurricane Sandy (Credit: Joe Varalli)

Sandy Leaves One N.J. Man With Unwanted Company In Backyard

Bill Halbeissen’s Manahawkin back yard won’t be ready for entertaining anytime soon, thanks to flooding from Hurricane Sandy.


(Barnegat Bay.  File photo from New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium)

NJ Marine Scientist Sees Dim Future For Barnegat Bay

If Barnegat Bay were a hospital patient, Michael Kennish says, it would be in very serious condition, its waters and sediments increasingly full of nitrogen and phosphorus.


jet ski

Coast Guard Finds Jet Skiers Stranded On Barnegat Bay Island

The Coast Guard has located two jet skiers reported overdue on Sunday.


file photo (credit: AP)

NJ Governor Uses Veto Pen On 3 Bills

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has used his veto pen to try to change a civil service reform measure and to reject outright a move to force the state to apply for federal funds for family planning services.


(File photo: sailing on Barnegat Bay.)

Gov. Christie Signs Measures To Clean Up Barnegat Bay

The three bills signed last week by governor Chris Christie are historic, says Stanton Hales, program director of the Barnegat Bay Partnership.


New Jersey Legislators Work To Save Barnegat Bay

Legislators have already approved a $110 million plan which imposes stricter environmental rules and calls for better storm water drainage.